Tile and Grout Cleaning / Commercial Tile Stripping and Waxing

Classic Cleaning Service is trained in the proper tile cleaning and grout cleaning methods. We have been involved with the cleaning and maintenance of commercial tile since 1992. We have expanded our services to handle residential tile and grout cleaning over the past few years. We use many different types of cleaning methods from Chemical stripping methods to our latest truck mount steam cleaning method called the SX12. This piece of equipment is a state of the art piece of equipment. This equipment allows us as cleaning professionals to use high steam, around 250 degrees and around 1000 psi to blast out all of the unsightly dirt and grime from all of the small crevices that your residential tile and grout may contain. The SX 12 not only allows us to blast the dirt and grime out it also contains the dirty water and automatically extracts it into our waste tank mounted into our truck mount steam cleaning equipment. I know a lot of people think I can clean my tile and grout all by myself with a little hard work and some good old fashion elbow grease. Let me ask you this? Can your elbows move fast enough to heat the cleaning water up to 250 degrees and scrub hard enough to create 1000psi of cleaning power? There is no way an individual can clean hard surfaces as well as a professional cleaning service with proper training can do. Instead of wasting a whole weekend trying to clean your tile and grout yourself, contact us today at 704-784-8235.

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