Carpet Cleaning

We, at Classic Cleaning Service, have used many different types of cleaning methods since 1992 when we first started in the cleaning industry. They all have their place. It is like a tool box. If you need a screw driver, a hammer will not fix the problem. The same goes for the different types of cleaning methods. The number one recommended way to clean your carpet by myself and most of the carpet manufacturing industries is the truck mounted steam cleaning method. Just as important as the type of cleaning method that you use is the training of the technician that is using the equipment. At Classic Cleaning Service, we are IICRC certified, which stands for the International Institution of cleaning and Restoration. Our technicians are trained in many types of cleaning methods, from truck mount steam extraction, bonnet cleaning, potable carpet cleaners, and shampooing.

Bonnet cleaning, portables and shampooing work great for Commercial Cleaning. The reason they work better for the Commercial Cleaning industry is that in Commercial Cleaning you have people placed in the facilities on a nightly basis so that you can stay on top of the level of soil that is being left in the carpeting areas. Many times you have to use low moisture methods so that people can get back onto the carpeted areas as soon as possible. By having people maintaining the carpeted areas on a regular basis, you do not have to be as aggressive with your cleaning methods therefore you can use lower moisture methods. These types of methods, We Call Maintenance Cleaning.

Most of the time, in Residential Cleaning it has been 6 months, 12 months or even 5 years since the carpet has been cleaned. In this scenario, you are going to want a deeper clean. This type of cleaning is what we call a Restorative Cleaning. The most powerful way to clean your carpet and upholstery is with a truck mount cleaning system. These machines can produce steam up to 400 degrees and have the extraction power of 500 lbs per sq. inch. In saying that, most of your cleaning needs do not need to be performed at that temperature. That is why you need to make sure that the person you have performing all of your cleaning needs is a highly trained technician. I am not trying to make this out into rocket science, but there is quite a bit of chemistry involved in the cleaning industry. Make sure that you are well informed so that you can make an educated discussion on the type of cleaning method that best suits your cleaning needs.

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