What is the difference between sand less and full sand hardwood refinishing?

After Sand Less Cleaning Process

Before Sandless refinishing process

 When you sand and refinish a Harwood floor you remove the entire finish from an existing floor. In this day and time most of the sanding equipment is hooked to a vacuum system that is usually placed outside the facility being sanded to help cut down on the amount of dust left in the home or business. You would first sand the floors down to the bare wood, vacuum the floor clean, and tack the floor with clean rags. After the sanding the next step is to stain the wood to the color that you prefer. The next step is to apply the oil base urethane. Typically there are three coats of urethane applied and it takes approximately 24 -48 hours for each coat to dry. This process usually takes between 4-10 days to complete depending on the size of the floor and costs between $2.00 and $4.00 to complete. This process is also pretty smelly. You would need to vacate the premises while this process is being performed. After the floors have cured and you can replace the furniture you then have the task of cleaning and removing the dust left from this process. As I stated earlier most sanding equipment these days do have a containment system to help lessen the amount of dust in the house but they do not contain it entirely. This is a great process if the floors are heavily damaged where the wood has deep gouges or heavy scratching.

  The process that we at Classic Cleaning Service provide is a Sand less recoating process. In most cases the reason you want to refinish your floors is because they no longer shine. The reason they do not shine as much as they did when the finish was new is from little tiny scratches on the surface of the urethane. When your car dose not shine like it did when it was brand new you do not sand all the paint off and repaint it. You polish the existing finish with wax. Our sand less process uses a chemical compound to etch the existing finish (put a texture on the existing Finish). We then apply two coats of our 2 part epoxy compound to bring the floors back to life. This compound is a water base compound so you do not have the caustic smell related with oil base finishes and with it being water based it dries very quickly.  The same as the oil based finish you can choose the shine that you wish your floors to be from satin to high gloss. Since our process does not completely remove the existing finish once the floor cures out it is 50% harder than the previous floor. There are several great things about this process. First a 1000 sf of flooring can be refinished in one single day. Secondly you can walk on the floor in about 2-3 hours after the last coat is applied. Third reason is you do not have to leave your home to have this process preformed because the finish is water based so it has very little smell. Finally and the best reason it cost about half the cost of traditional refinishing around $1.00 per sf.


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What is carpet and Fabric protector and why should I use it?

This is a great product. Carpet and fabric protector’s scientific name is a Flora chemical. There are several manufacturers of these chemicals the most commonly known is scotch guard. What these chemicals do for your carpets and upholstery Teflon protectoris make the fabrics slick and smooth so that things can not adhere to the fabric. When I am talking about the fabrics being slick and smooth I am talking on a microscopic level.  The easiest way to explain how these flora chemicals work is they act like wax for your car. When you have a brand new car and they have put a nice new coat of wax on it. If you go up and run your hands over the finish it is slick and smooth. When a bug runs into the car or a bird drops something onto the surface of the car it has trouble sticking to the surface. You can take a wet rag and the mess rubs off very easily. Same car a year from then you have washed it every day it still shines like a new penny, but when you slide your hand across the surface of the paint it does not have that same slick smooth feel as it did when it had a new coat of wax on it. So when Mr. Robin drops his little surprise on your car or you run into the roving mass of June bugs you really have to scrub to get that junk off of your car. Why? Well over the past year all that dirt and grime that gets on your car in between cleanings has worked like sand paper and made little microscopic scratches in the surface of the paint. These scratches give texture to the surface of the paint where things can adhere to, which makes it harder to remove the bird pooh and road grime. Same thing happens to the surface of your carpet and upholstery. The flora chemicals make the fabrics slick and smooth so that things can not stick to them as easily. Therefore you can keep your carpets and upholstery clean longer. This is not a liquid repellant it is a chemical that helps repel soil, it dose increase the surface density so that moisture cannot penetrate the fabric as quickly, but if your toilet over flows on Friday while you are gone to the beach do not expect to find a big bubble of blue water on your carpet that you can suck off with a wet- vac. This chemical will make your carpet and upholstery easier to keep clean. Just like the wax on your car, most carpets come with these protectors applied from the factory, also like your car that needs to be waxed once a year the same goes for your carpet and your upholstery. Theses flora chemicals just like the wax on your car do not wear off. Over time as the surface becomes scratched these are new areas that have never been treated with the chemicals so that is why you need to reapply them on an annual basis. In the 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry I have seen things to be able to be removed from carpets and upholstery that have kept the protector on them on an annual basis that you would not have come out otherwise. In my opinion it is very well worth the cost to keep your fabrics and carpets protected yearly. As always BO KNOWS FLOORS!

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Should I have my carpets cleaned by a professional or do it myself?

  Most of the time when I go into someone’s home  and start to discuss carpet or upholstery cleaning 80% of the time they will begin to tell me that they clean there carpet with xyz brand carpet cleaner. Then they proceeded to explain that the carpet looks great and then a week or two later the carpet looks worse than it did before they cleaned it. Why?   First of all there is more to cleaning than just owning a carpet cleaning machine. I am not trying to make it into rocket science, but there is a lot of chemistry in the cleaning industry. You can own the biggest and best cleaning equipment on the market and if the person that is running it does not know what he or she is doing. So make sure that the person cleaning your carpet is properly trained from a reputable training source like the IICRC. The second reason you should have a professional carpet cleaning service clean you carpet is the equipment that you are going to rent or purchase is nowhere near the quality that your carpet cleaning professional   will be using.  Example: The most expensive residential carpet machine may run you around $500.00 and I am talking top of the line. This machine is going to have about 100 lbs per sf of lift. Some do have built in heaters that help with the cleaning process that may warm the water to around 130-150 degrees.  The cheapest commercial truck mount machine is going to run around $6,000.00 without the hoses and wands and van. The truck mount   machines will heat the water from 150 -300 degrees. The professionally trained tech. will know which material should be cleaned on lower temperatures and which will be safe to clean on higher temperatures. Most residential carpets we clean around 220 degrees. This temperature helps break down oils and sugar deposits left on the carpet or fabric so that they will not soil again as easily; this is also around the same temperature that an autoclave uses to sterilize surgical instruments. So you are going to receive a sterilization process that a rent your own machine cannot provide. The professional Truck mount machines have around 500 lbs per sf of lift. Which means that the carpet is going to dry faster and more soil and impurities are going to be removed? The average cost to have a three bed room home with a hall and living room will cost you between $150.00-$200.00 to have a professional cleaning service clean your house, and all you have to do is watch. If you rent a machine you will spend about $30-$40 for the machine and an additional $20 on cleaning chemicals Total cost around $60. Then you have an entire day of work. Is the hundred dollar savings really worth it? If  you clean your carpet and the next week it looks worse than before  you can rent the machine again and re clean it …..There goes your savings, but if you use a reputable business and there are problems when the carpet dries you pick up the phone call them and any business worth there salt will come back and correct the problem. I know that money is tight all around know, but like the old saying goes you get what you pay for. If you have to have you tonsils taken out you would not let your husband take them out would you? Why would you trust the most expensive investment of your life and the place where you and your loved ones spend most of their time to someone who is untrained and unqualified, even if that person is you?


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What are the dark lines around the edges of my carpet?

This question is asked so many times to me. These black lines around the edging of the wall are called filtration stains. Why do they show up? Older homes use to have the registers in the floor, you remember at grandma’s the big metal grates in the floor that you would lose your army men and jacks down? In new homes they are in the walls or under the stairs. When the air turns on the hvac units cause a vacuum in the cavities of the walls. That is why when your doors are cracked they are sucked shut. This vacuum also pulls dust and dirt particles into the cracks and crevices around the edges of your carpet. The air being sucked through your carpet has carbon and graphite in it and over a period of time these particles will begin to stain the fibers of your carpet. Can these stains be removed? It depends. There are several products out there that are made to remove these filtration stains, but the longer you wait in between cleaning the less chance you have in removing this stain completely. The darker the stains the less likely you have of completely removing the entire stain. As always BO KNOWS FLOORS

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Dose Cleaning your carpet cause it to soil faster?

  That is one of the most frequently asked questions that as a professional cleaner I am asked. This is also one of the most absurd myths that have ever come about in the cleaning industry. I wish I knew who started it.

   Let’s just follow a simple line of thinking and it should put to rest this crazy misconception. Carpet and upholstery are textiles either natural fiber which are cotton, silk, and wool or synthetic fibers which are Rayon, Nylon, Olefin, polyester etc…Clothes are made of the same types of fibers … Cotton Shirts, Wool sweaters and socks. Even Polyester pants (If you are still loving the 70’s fashions). Let’s just think would you wear a pair of wool socks or cotton underwear for a year or two or even three years and not clean them? Of course not, you clean these fibers after every time you use them. Not your carpet, you will go a year to five years before you think about having them cleaned. HOW NASTY IS THAT?

The reason why this myth was started was because of untrained cleaning technicians leaving cleaning residue on the fabric and this causes the soil to stick back to the fabric. All cleaning agents are soil attractants. That is how they work them because the soils to break loose from the fabric and stick to the cleaning agent so that we can rinse the fabric clean. If you do not completely remove the cleaning agent from the fabric, counter top or floors you are trying to clean soil will begin to adhere to the surface. It is not the cleaning that causes your carpet to begin to soil more quickly, it is the cleaning by an improperly trained (so called Professional) technician. Do your research. Make sure the people you are using are properly trained?     Like always BO KNOWS FLOORS

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How often should you have your carpets cleaned?

The recommendations from the leading carpet manufactures are a minimum of one time per year by a professionally trained carpet cleaning technician. That is a Minimum; other factors may cause the need to have your carpets cleaned more frequently such as pets, children, highly traveled areas, and bad weather. A 10 x12 section of carpet that is vacuumed on a weekly basis can hold 80lbs of soil before it even shows signs of needing to be cleaned. That soil will work like sand paper and wear the carpet out from the backing up. You would not wear the same pair of sox for a year and not clean they would you?

Contact us to take care of your Carpet Cleaning needs   

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What types of professional carpet cleaning methods are there and which is the best?

There are many types of cleaning methods that are used by cleaning professionals. They are basically like tools in a tool box. You need to use the method that is best suited for the cleaning needs that you are trying to tackle. Here is a rundown of what the different types of cleaning methods there are. Truck mount steam cleaning, portable steam cleaning, bonnet cleaning, encapsulation, and shampooing.   

I will explain how the different process’s work and in what situations they are best applied. The first several methods are lower moister methods; they should be used when you have very limited drying time.  

  1. Shampooing:  This process you use a carpet shampooing machine of course. These machines have a reservoir built into the machine that dispenses a cleaning solution onto the rotary brushes under the machine these brushes then rotate and work the cleaning agent into the carpet. Usually the cleaning solution has an encapsulation agent in it so that when the carpet dries the cleaning agent traps the soil in the dry solution then you can vacuum over the carpet and remove the soil. This is a great process for commercial facilities. The reason is it uses low moisture and the carpet dries quickly so that the carpets can be put back into use more quickly.  This process needs to be used on a maintenance schedule. Depending on the traffic in the facility to keep the level of soiling in the carpet to a manageable level.

     2.        Encapsulation:  This process consists of a powdered compound that you sprinkle over the soiled area of the carpet and work the compound into the carpet with either a brush, rake or beater brush machine, rotary machine (basically a machine that looks like a vacuum but it only has the beater bar to work the compound into the carpet. Then you go back over the soiled area and vacuum the cleaning agent up. This process also works well for commercial facilities and spot cleaning situations. There is very little moisture so you can put the carpet back to use very quickly. This process also works best when implemented on a regular maintenance schedule.

 3.       Bonnet Cleaning:  This process is very similar to shampooing. In this process you use a slow speed scrubbing machine with a pad driver that holds a cotton bonnet on the bottom. You spray a pretreatment on to the area of carpet you are going to clean. Take the cotton bonnet and submerge it in a mop bucket with bonnet scrub solution in it. Wring the bonnet out and place it on the bottom of the scrubbing machine, and go over the area to be cleaned. You need to wash and wring out the bonnet on a regular basis as the bonnet becomes soiled. Also flip the bonnet over so that you can clean with both sides. When both sides are soiled you will need to get a new clean bonnet.

The methods that I discussed above are low moisture methods that work great for commercial facilities where people are staffed to clean on a regular basis. You can clean with these methods very effectively   but on heavily solid areas you will need to be a little more aggressive with your cleaning which is going to require more moisture. The next two methods are a deeper cleaning process for areas that are more soiled.

4.   Portable extraction machines:  There many different types of portable machines you have ones that have heaters built in and can heat the water up to around 200 degrees these are on the higher end of the cost scale and usually have larger pumps so you will remove more of the dirty water. Some of them have cleaning wands and some you push forward to put down the cleaning solution and pull it back to rinse and extract up the dirty water. The way you clean with portable and truck mount are performed the same way. First remove any loose soil by vacuuming the area to be cleaned. Then you apply a pretreatment solution that will break the soil loose from the carpet or fabric that is to be cleaned. Allow the pretreatment solution to dwell so that it has time to do its job. Then you rinse the solution off of the carpet or fabric by steaming the areas and leaving the areas clean and sanitized. Then you go back over the areas with extra drying strokes to remove as much of the moisture as possible ,because the moisture is where the soil is being suspended so the more moisture you can remove the more soil you are going to remove.

 5.       Truck Mount Steam cleaning:   The process you use to clean the carpet and fabric with truck mount steam cleaning equipment is the same procedures that you use with portable extraction equipment. Truck mount is the best way to clean carpet and fabric in my opinion. You have the ability to control the temperature of your steam and you have the ability to remove the dirty water at about 500 pounds per sf. of lift. That means that you can remove more dirty water in a shorter amount of time.  Now on some commercial situations you cannot drag 1000 foot of hose hooked to a van up the side of a 20 story building in these cases you have to use portable machines or some of the other methods we have discussed.

  The last two methods we discussed are great ways to clean your carpet and other fabrics, but one of the draw backs is the areas are going to be damp longer. These methods are a deeper cleaning than the first methods that we discussed. These are what I like to call restorative cleaning. The first methods discussed are more of a maintenance cleaning. Most the time in Residential cleaning it has been 6 months or 18 months or 5 years since the carpet has been cleaned so you are going to have to use a more aggressive cleaning method. Unlike commercial cleaning where most of the time you have people in the facility if not on a nightly basis at least on a weekly basis. Like I stated earlier in this blog, these methods are tools in a tool box. The most important thing to consider when choosing your carpet cleaning professional and cleaning method is to make sure that the person providing the cleaning for you is highly educated and trained in the many different types of cleaning methods.  

To have your floors cleaned today, contact us today!

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How much Dose Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost?


 One of the most frequently asked questions asked to me as a professional carpet cleaner, is how much does it cost to have your carpet cleaned by a trained professional. First, all professional carpet cleaning companies charge around the same price which is between $.20 and $.40 per SF. The more carpet you are having cleaned the cheaper the price. Example If you are having a 10,000 Sf church cleaned you will be able to get that cleaned at a price of $.10- $.15 per sf.

 An average residential cleaning of 3 bedrooms, hall, living room and dining room goes for around $150.00 to $200.00 around $.30 per sf.  This should include pretreatment as well as any spot treatment that may take any additional effort to remove any and all spots. A lot of carpet cleaning companies will offer a price of $49.00 for your whole house but when they get out there to do the actual cleaning they will jack the price up. They will say well this does not fall into the parameters of our sales promotion that $49.00 special is for what we call a fresh water rinse if you want a pretreatment and a cleaning agent used it will be …….  Well that is like going to a car wash and giving them $20.00 to wash your car and they took it out back and squirted it off with a garden hose. When you say that your car was not cleaned properly they say I am sorry if you would like us to use soap and water that will be …….. Really?    You get what you pay for. Look for an iicrc trained professional ask questions and make sure that you are getting what you want. Just remember the old adage you get what you pay for.

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Tips for keeping your fabrics and Carpets clean longer

If you keep a carpet and upholstery protector applied to your carpets and furniture a minimum of once every 18 months, it will give you the ability to remove everyday soiling by using white vinegar, water and blotting with a white towel. The actual name of protectors is called a florochemical, and its main purpose is to prevent resoling on your carpets and furniture. Contact us with any questions that you may have or to schedule any of your cleaning needs.

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Classic Cleaning Service has been providing top-notch carpet cleaning services to both residential and commercial clients since 1992. We are a locally owned and operated cleaning service that uses only state-of-the-art products and methods. Our goal is to maintain an absolute commitment to the highest standards of workmanship. The most important difference, however, is our people. You will find them to be honest, knowledgeable professionals who will make you glad you chose Classic Cleaning Service. We guarantee you will be happy with the service you receive. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the services we offer or to schedule an appointment.

Before you have your carpets cleaned, call this free consumer awareness hotline to verify the person coming into your home is a professionally trained carpet cleaning technician.

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