You have known Classic Cleaning Service as a trust worthy and honest Company since 1992. Since then we have taken care of your cleaning needs. We have provided Professional Carpet Cleaning, Offsite Oriental Rug Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, and Tile stripping and waxing.
About 5 years ago, we added some additional services to help maintain the beauty of your home or office: Sand less Hardwood Floor re-finishing and Tile and Grout Cleaning.

I would like to announce for 2013 we have once again expanded our services to help you better maintain the appearance of your home or office to the following: Full hardwood re-finishing for the floors that cannot be brought back to life by our sand less process. As well as carpet, Tile installation, Painting, and Light home remodeling.

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Ceramic and natural tile is a very hard and durable surface. Regular cleaning should consist of sweeping and damp mopping. Most of the time this will take care of the surface soil on your hard surface areas. Approximately once a year there needs to be a deep cleaning to remove the deep penetrating oils, grease and grime. I am not going to tell you that you cannot clean the tile and grout in your home own your own. That will consist of using a degreaser and a small brush that can get into the grout lines, and a larger brush to clean the surface of the tile, gloves and knee pads. This is a very time consuming process, it can be done by yourself but be prepared to spend the greater part of a weekend on your hands and knees.  A professional cleaner will bring in a machine like the hydro force sx12 and can clean and seal your tile and grout in a matter of a few hours depending on the amount of tile to be cleaned. The sx 12 will clean the tile around 300 degrees at 1000 psi of pressure. This will not only clean the dirt out of the grout lines and the tile but it will also help to kill the unseen germs and bacteria.  How much will this cost of this professional cleaning? The average cost is approximately $.50-$.60 cents per sq foot.  About $.20 cents to seal it. The average home has tile in the baths, foyers, and kitchens .That usually consists of around 300 sf of cleanable tile which would run around $200.00 to clean and additional  $60 to have it sealed. I know that $200.00- $300.00 sounds like a lot of money but how much is a whole weekend worth to you?


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That is a great question. The answer to that is going to depend on what part of the country you are located. The best time to clean your carpet for maximum drying is going to be when the humidity in your area is the lowest.  It really is not a factor whether the air is hot or cold, but how much moisture is in it. Here in NC during winter, early spring and late fall is when the humidity is lowest. If you live in a place like Arizona  where the air is dry during the hot part of the summer then that will be the time in which your carpet and fabrics are going to dry the quickest . Even in North Carolina when the humidity is the highest, in the middle of the summer there are ways to speed up the drying process. During high humidity times you can close the windows and turn the Air Conditioner down. Air Conditioners are dehumidifiers they cool the air by removing the moisture out of it that is why we have drain tubes and drain pans under the A.C. units. You also want to turn on your ceiling fans or any portable fans that you may have. Air movement is important for the evaporation of moisture off of your fabrics and carpet, but the moisture has to be able to get outside of your house. If the humidity is low outside then turn your fans on and open your windows. Water is like electricity it will travel by the path with the least resistance. If the air outside the house has less moisture in it than the air inside the house the moisture is going to try to get out of the house therefore opening the windows is the best way to get the moisture out.  If the air is full of moisture the closing the house up turning the fans on and the air cooler to force the moisture out of the ac units. Ultimately you should clean your carpet at least once a year. If it takes a little while longer for your carpet to dry because of the weather that is a small consequence to keep your carpet clean and looking great for many years to come.  If there are any questions that you would like me to address please feel free to post them on my Blog and I will try to get an answer for you.

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   Chemspec has recently in the past few years manufactured a sand free hardwood floor refinishing process called Wood-solv. This process allows a professionally trained technician to use a slow speed scrubbing machine and a chemical floor prep to chemically put a texture on an existing polyurethane hard wood floor finish so that you can reapply a new finish onto the hardwood floor. This process is not for every scenario deep gauges and heavy scratches may still have to be sanded down to bare wood, but for the vast majority of home owners this process is an excellent alternative.Before our snad free refinishing process This process has several great benefits over full sand and refinishes process. First the cost is about half the cost of traditional sand and refinishes processes. Second you do not have the  with this process that you have with a full sand process, even if the company has a vacuum system on their sanders there is still dust left in the duct systems of your house. And finally a standard sand and refinish takes anywhere from 5 days to 10 days to complete. Our process can usually be completed in one day. Please check out our video on our web page and some before and after photo’s to see if our process is right for you.    After refinishing process


Carpets are manufactured to repel soiling from the factory. They have a PH level that is 7.0 which is neutral. Over the past 20 years one of the most frequently asked question is why do these spots keep coming back. Most of the time the reason behind these mystery spots is to the blame of the home owner. The reason I say that is most home owners love using spot cleaners, but they do not understand how spot cleaners work.

  1. All cleaning agents are soil attractants:  That is how they work whether you are cleaning carpets, tile floors or laundry. When you put your washing powders in the washing machine those detergents work as soil attractants they cause the soil to break loose from the surface of the clothes you are trying  to clean and stick to the cleaning agent . The cleaning agent keeps the soil in a suspended state so that when the rinse cycle starts up it can rinse all of the dirt as well as the detergent off of the clothes. That is how you clean. Use something to suspend the soil trying to be removed then rinse it clean.
  2. Spot cleaning chemical companies are trying to sell you more spot cleaner:   The way most spot cleaning companies promote their cleaning agents is you just spray it own and wipe over it and magically the spot disappears. What actually happen are the cleaning agents causes the soil to stick to it and when you wipe over it you lift the soil into the rag you are using. Well isn’t that what you want ….yes and no  you have removed the existing soil, but there is the leftover residue of the spot cleaner that needs to be removed. If you would just take some white vinegar and water with 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water mixture and rinse back over the area you used the spot cleaner on you would remove the cleaning agent. Therefore removing the cleaning agent and the cause of that spot returning back in a few weeks. The chemical companies do not want you to know about this because they want that spot to come back in a few weeks so that you will go and buy some more spot cleaner.
  3. The first thing you should do when you have a spot or spill on your carpet is first try the vinegar and water mixture and try to rinse the spot off of the carpets. Carpets are very soil resistant from the factory. You may have to try the vinegar and water mixture several times to get the residue completely removed but at least using the vinegar and water mixture you are not adding additional soil attractants to the surface of your carpet like you are when you are using spot cleaners. Evan when you do feel that the spot needs a little heavier cleaning agents than the vinegar mixture make sure that you use them sparingly less is always better when cleaning . You can always and a little more cleaning agent but once you have added too much it is more difficult to remove the residue that causes soil to stick back to the carpeted areas.

IF you have any questions that you would like me to address please post to my blog and I will do my best to answer them for you.


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The average cost to have your carpets professionally cleaned is going to vary from region to region. The main thing that you need to remember is that you get what you pay for. If the price seems too good to be true it usually is. In this economy you have to shop for the best possible deals out there, but choosing the cheapest is not always the best. If you choose a cleaning professional strictly on the basis of the cheapest more times than not you get an under trained technician or less than professional  cleaning equipment.  With all of that being said here in North Carolina the average cost for a professional to come in and clean a residential dwelling is anywhere between $.30- $.40 per sq foot. That process could be one of the many cleaning systems that we have discussed in previous blogs. Also different companies may market in different ways …3 areas for $69.00 or your whole house for $99.00, but I promise you that when they actually get to your home and give you the exact price it is going to be very comparable to the other cleaning businesses in your area.  There is one thing that all cleaning business has in common; they are in the business to make a profit. If the company is not charging enough to spend the proper amount of time on your cleaning needs they are going to have to rush through the job and give you a less thorough job. Also if there is any problem that may arise after the cleaning they have not planned enough profit into the job to be able to come back and make sure that you as a client are extremely ecstatic with the cleaning process. So when you are choosing a Professional Carpet Cleaning company you need to make sure that the final decision in made based on hiring a company that is going to give you quality service not on just who is the cheapest.  AS ALWAYS BO KNOWS FLOORS!


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I know a lot of companies do not have the space or facility to pick up and take area or oriental rugs and clean them at an off sight facility.  So they will try to explain that they can do just as good of a Job cleaning them in your home. First of all if you allow them to clean your area rugs in your home there is more of a chance that there could be damage to the floors underneath the rugs being cleaned. As the  owner of Classic Cleaning Service I personally do not want to take the chance of damaging anything of my clients.  If you have an area rug cleaned in your home the cost will be substantially cheaper, and the reason why is because you are only receiving a light cleaning to freshen up the looks. That is what a lot of people want. I am not going to say that I have never cleaned an area rug at a client’s home, but the client must understand that by cleaning at their residence they are taking the responsibility for the drying of the rugs. If there is any situation that may occur due to slow drying, it falls on the client. I cannot be held responsible if you do not allow me to clean and dry the rugs properly at our shop.  I always urge the client to allow us to remove the rug from their home so that I may properly clean the rug and dry it at our facility. We have large air movers to speed up the drying of the rugs and we will clean the front and back several times to make sure that the most amount of soil is being removed. There are several situations in which the area /oriental rugs need to be flushed heavily with large amount of water to thoroughly remove urine and other contaminants. I do not think that there are many clients that want to have hundreds of gallons of water flushed through their home. With all of that being said you have to do what your client wants, Just make sure that  if they do not want to have you to remove  the rugs and clean them at your facility that the cleaning will not be as thorough and that there is a chance of damage to the flooring under the rugs being cleaned. SO that they understand that the responsibility is fully on them. AS ALWAYS BO KNOWS FLOORS!


The short answer is yes.  Most people think that a dry cleaning method is a no moisture method that is not true when you dry clean something you use a dry cleaning solution that evaporates very quickly. All cleaning methods use some sort of moisture. Some cleaning methods use less moisture than others. Just because the tag on your furniture says dry clean only does not mean that you cannot use moisture on it. What it should say is to be cleaned by a trained professional cleaning technician. If the technician is properly trained he will know how to test the color fastness of the fabric and assess which cleaning process can be used on the furniture in question.  When in doubt always call a professional cleaning service like Classic Cleaning Service in concord NC.

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Before Sandless refinishing process

After Sand Less Cleaning Process

When you sand and refinish a Harwood floor you remove the entire finish from an existing floor. In this day and time most of the sanding equipment is hooked to a vacuum system that is usually placed outside the facility being sanded to help cut down on the amount of dust left in the home or business. You would first sand the floors down to the bare wood, vacuum the floor clean, and tack the floor with clean rags. After the sanding the next step is to stain the wood to the color that you prefer. The next step is to apply the oil base urethane. Typically there are three coats of urethane applied and it takes approximately 24 -48 hours for each coat to dry. This process usually takes between 4-10 days to complete depending on the size of the floor and costs between $2.00 and $4.00 to complete. This process is also pretty smelly. You would need to vacate the premises while this process is being performed. After the floors have cured and you can replace the furniture you then have the task of cleaning and removing the dust left from this process. As I stated earlier most sanding equipment these days do have a containment system to help lessen the amount of dust in the house but they do not contain it entirely. This is a great process if the floors are heavily damaged where the wood has deep gouges or heavy scratching.

The process that we at Classic Cleaning Service provide is a Sand less recoating process. In most cases the reason you want to refinish your floors is because they no longer shine. The reason they do not shine as much as they did when the finish was new is from little tiny scratches on the surface of the urethane. When your car dose not shine like it did when it was brand new you do not sand all the paint off and repaint it. You polish the existing finish with wax. Our sand less process uses a chemical compound to etch the existing finish (put a texture on the existing Finish). We then apply two coats of our 2 part epoxy compound to bring the floors back to life. This compound is a water base compound so you do not have the caustic smell related with oil base finishes and with it being water based it dries very quickly.  The same as the oil based finish you can choose the shine that you wish your floors to be from satin to high gloss. Since our process does not completely remove the existing finish once the floor cures out it is 50% harder than the previous floor. There are several great things about this process. First a 1000 sf of flooring can be refinished in one single day. Secondly you can walk on the floor in about 2-3 hours after the last coat is applied. Third reason is you do not have to leave your home to have this process preformed because the finish is water based so it has very little smell. Finally and the best reason it cost about half the cost of traditional refinishing around $1.00 per sf.