About Classic Cleaning Service

owner of classic cleaning service

Bo Johnson

My name is Bo Johnson and I have owned Classic Cleaning Service since 1992. I have handled all types of cleaning. At one time, we mostly handled commercial facilities. We performed full nightly janitorial cleaning and handled everything from taking out trash, cleaning restrooms, vacuuming, window cleaning, tile stripping and waxing, and all types of carpet and upholstery cleaning.

We performed nightly cleaning for facilities from the size of small offices to 20 story high rise buildings. I have worked as many as 40 employees at one time. In about 2000, we began concentrating mainly on Carpet and Upholstery cleaning as well as Commercial Tile Striping and Waxing. Recently we have added several services to our cleaning arsenal. We now have sandless hard wood floor refinishing a process about half the cost of traditional sanding processes and it takes about half the time. We also now offer Tile, Grout Cleaning and Sealing. I no longer work the number of employees that I once did. I mostly perform residential cleaning so I try to do most of the work myself to guarantee the highest quality work and that a highly trained Technician we be entering your home. We still do handle some commercial facilities and when that need arises, I do have a few part time technicians that have been with me for several years. I hope that we at Classic Cleaning Service can handle any and all of your floor, carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.

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