Why should I have a professional clean my Tile and Grout?

  Ceramic and natural tile is a very hard and durable surface. Regular cleaning should consist of sweeping and damp mopping. Most of the time this will take care of the surface soil on your hard surface areas. Approximately once a year there needs to be a deep cleaning to remove the deep penetrating oils, grease and grime. I am not going to tell you that you cannot clean the tile and grout in your home own your own. That will consist of using a degreaser and a small brush that can get into the grout lines, and a larger brush to clean the surface of the tile, gloves and knee pads. This is a very time consuming process, it can be done by yourself but be prepared to spend the greater part of a weekend on your hands and knees.  A professional cleaner will bring in a machine like the hydro force sx12 and can clean and seal your tile and grout in a matter of a few hours depending on the amount of tile to be cleaned. The sx 12 will clean the tile around 300 degrees at 1000 psi of pressure. This will not only clean the dirt out of the grout lines and the tile but it will also help to kill the unseen germs and bacteria.  How much will this cost of this professional cleaning? The average cost is approximately $.50-$.60 cents per sq foot.  About $.20 cents to seal it. The average home has tile in the baths, foyers, and kitchens .That usually consists of around 300 sf of cleanable tile which would run around $200.00 to clean and additional  $60 to have it sealed. I know that $200.00- $300.00 sounds like a lot of money but how much is a whole weekend worth to you?    


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