When is the best time to clean my carpet where it dries the quickest?

That is a great question. The answer to that is going to depend on what part of the country you are located. The best time to clean your carpet for maximum drying is going to be when the humidity in your area is the lowest.  It really is not a factor whether the air is hot or cold, but how much moisture is in it. Here in NC during winter, early spring and late fall is when the humidity is lowest. If you live in a place like Arizona  where the air is dry during the hot part of the summer then that will be the time in which your carpet and fabrics are going to dry the quickest . Even in North Carolina when the humidity is the highest, in the middle of the summer there are ways to speed up the drying process. During high humidity times you can close the windows and turn the Air Conditioner down. Air Conditioners are dehumidifiers they cool the air by removing the moisture out of it that is why we have drain tubes and drain pans under the A.C. units. You also want to turn on your ceiling fans or any portable fans that you may have. Air movement is important for the evaporation of moisture off of your fabrics and carpet, but the moisture has to be able to get outside of your house. If the humidity is low outside then turn your fans on and open your windows. Water is like electricity it will travel by the path with the least resistance. If the air outside the house has less moisture in it than the air inside the house the moisture is going to try to get out of the house therefore opening the windows is the best way to get the moisture out.  If the air is full of moisture the closing the house up turning the fans on and the air cooler to force the moisture out of the ac units. Ultimately you should clean your carpet at least once a year. If it takes a little while longer for your carpet to dry because of the weather that is a small consequence to keep your carpet clean and looking great for many years to come.  If there are any questions that you would like me to address please feel free to post them on my Blog and I will try to get an answer for you.

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