What is Sand free Hardwood floor refinishing?

   Chemspec has recently in the past few years manufactured a sand free hardwood floor refinishing process called Wood-solv. This process allows a professionally trained technician to use a slow speed scrubbing machine and a chemical floor prep to chemically put a texture on an existing polyurethane hard wood floor finish so that you can reapply a new finish onto the hardwood floor. This process is not for every scenario deep gauges and heavy scratches may still have to be sanded down to bare wood, but for the vast majority of home owners this process is an excellent alternative.Before our snad free refinishing process This process has several great benefits over full sand and refinishes process. First the cost is about half the cost of traditional sand and refinishes processes. Second you do not have the  with this process that you have with a full sand process, even if the company has a vacuum system on their sanders there is still dust left in the duct systems of your house. And finally a standard sand and refinish takes anywhere from 5 days to 10 days to complete. Our process can usually be completed in one day. Please check out our video on our web page and some before and after photo’s to see if our process is right for you.    After refinishing process

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