Why do spots return to my carpet?

  Carpets are manufactured to repel soiling from the factory. They have a PH level that is 7.0 which is neutral. Over the past 20 years one of the most frequently asked question is why do these spots keep coming back. Most of the time the reason behind these mystery spots is to the blame of the home owner. The reason I say that is most home owners love using spot cleaners, but they do not understand how spot cleaners work.

  1. All cleaning agents are soil attractants:  That is how they work whether you are cleaning carpets, tile floors or laundry. When you put your washing powders in the washing machine those detergents work as soil attractants they cause the soil to break loose from the surface of the clothes you are trying  to clean and stick to the cleaning agent . The cleaning agent keeps the soil in a suspended state so that when the rinse cycle starts up it can rinse all of the dirt as well as the detergent off of the clothes. That is how you clean. Use something to suspend the soil trying to be removed then rinse it clean.
  2. Spot cleaning chemical companies are trying to sell you more spot cleaner:   The way most spot cleaning companies promote their cleaning agents is you just spray it own and wipe over it and magically the spot disappears. What actually happen are the cleaning agents causes the soil to stick to it and when you wipe over it you lift the soil into the rag you are using. Well isn’t that what you want ….yes and no  you have removed the existing soil, but there is the leftover residue of the spot cleaner that needs to be removed. If you would just take some white vinegar and water with 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water mixture and rinse back over the area you used the spot cleaner on you would remove the cleaning agent. Therefore removing the cleaning agent and the cause of that spot returning back in a few weeks. The chemical companies do not want you to know about this because they want that spot to come back in a few weeks so that you will go and buy some more spot cleaner.
  3. The first thing you should do when you have a spot or spill on your carpet is first try the vinegar and water mixture and try to rinse the spot off of the carpets. Carpets are very soil resistant from the factory. You may have to try the vinegar and water mixture several times to get the residue completely removed but at least using the vinegar and water mixture you are not adding additional soil attractants to the surface of your carpet like you are when you are using spot cleaners. Evan when you do feel that the spot needs a little heavier cleaning agents than the vinegar mixture make sure that you use them sparingly less is always better when cleaning . You can always and a little more cleaning agent but once you have added too much it is more difficult to remove the residue that causes soil to stick back to the carpeted areas.

IF you have any questions that you would like me to address please post to my blog and I will do my best to answer them for you.


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