Why should I have my area and oriental rugs taken to off sight facility to be cleaned?


  •    I know a lot of companies do not have the space or facility to pick up and take area or oriental rugs and clean them at an off sight facility.  So they will try to explain that they can do just as good of a Job cleaning them in your home. First of all if you allow them to clean your area rugs in your home there is more of a chance that there could be damage to the floors underneath the rugs being cleaned. As the  owner of Classic Cleaning Service I personally do not want to take the chance of damaging anything of my clients.  If you have an area rug cleaned in your home the cost will be substantially cheaper, and the reason why is because you are only receiving a light cleaning to freshen up the looks. That is what a lot of people want. I am not going to say that I have never cleaned an area rug at a client’s home, but the client must understand that by cleaning at their residence they are taking the responsibility for the drying of the rugs. If there is any situation that may occur due to slow drying, it falls on the client. I cannot be held responsible if you do not allow me to clean and dry the rugs properly at our shop.  I always urge the client to allow us to remove the rug from their home so that I may properly clean the rug and dry it at our facility. We have large air movers to speed up the drying of the rugs and we will clean the front and back several times to make sure that the most amount of soil is being removed. There are several situations in which the area /oriental rugs need to be flushed heavily with large amount of water to thoroughly remove urine and other contaminants. I do not think that there are many clients that want to have hundreds of gallons of water flushed through their home. With all of that being said you have to do what your client wants, Just make sure that  if they do not want to have you to remove  the rugs and clean them at your facility that the cleaning will not be as thorough and that there is a chance of damage to the flooring under the rugs being cleaned. SO that they understand that the responsibility is fully on them. AS ALWAYS BO KNOWS FLOORS!

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