Before Sandless refinishing process

After Sand Less Cleaning Process

When you sand and refinish a Harwood floor you remove the entire finish from an existing floor. In this day and time most of the sanding equipment is hooked to a vacuum system that is usually placed outside the facility being sanded to help cut down on the amount of dust left in the home or business. You would first sand the floors down to the bare wood, vacuum the floor clean, and tack the floor with clean rags. After the sanding the next step is to stain the wood to the color that you prefer. The next step is to apply the oil base urethane. Typically there are three coats of urethane applied and it takes approximately 24 -48 hours for each coat to dry. This process usually takes between 4-10 days to complete depending on the size of the floor and costs between $2.00 and $4.00 to complete. This process is also pretty smelly. You would need to vacate the premises while this process is being performed. After the floors have cured and you can replace the furniture you then have the task of cleaning and removing the dust left from this process. As I stated earlier most sanding equipment these days do have a containment system to help lessen the amount of dust in the house but they do not contain it entirely. This is a great process if the floors are heavily damaged where the wood has deep gouges or heavy scratching.

The process that we at Classic Cleaning Service provide is a Sand less recoating process. In most cases the reason you want to refinish your floors is because they no longer shine. The reason they do not shine as much as they did when the finish was new is from little tiny scratches on the surface of the urethane. When your car dose not shine like it did when it was brand new you do not sand all the paint off and repaint it. You polish the existing finish with wax. Our sand less process uses a chemical compound to etch the existing finish (put a texture on the existing Finish). We then apply two coats of our 2 part epoxy compound to bring the floors back to life. This compound is a water base compound so you do not have the caustic smell related with oil base finishes and with it being water based it dries very quickly.  The same as the oil based finish you can choose the shine that you wish your floors to be from satin to high gloss. Since our process does not completely remove the existing finish once the floor cures out it is 50% harder than the previous floor. There are several great things about this process. First a 1000 sf of flooring can be refinished in one single day. Secondly you can walk on the floor in about 2-3 hours after the last coat is applied. Third reason is you do not have to leave your home to have this process preformed because the finish is water based so it has very little smell. Finally and the best reason it cost about half the cost of traditional refinishing around $1.00 per sf.